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Amana Distinctions GME95 Distinctions®

If you want to make a safe investment and lower the utility bills by having a new furnace installation then you can choose Amana Distinction GME95 variable speed gas furnace with multiple positions installation support (which means this high efficiency furnace can be installed in both direction horizontal or vertical position). For perfect indoor air comfort this furnace has auto enhanced dehumidification system which controls the humidity level in your home and avoid various skin and health problem, also offers its customers in Toronto and other GTA areas for installation of Amana Distinction GME95 model and other high efficiency furnace products.

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Consumer's Reviews for Amana Distinctions GME95 Distinctions®

Arnold Barber from Georgetown

Date: 02 May 2014
The best HVAC contractor in Toronto, install my Amana GME95 Distinctions in January 2012. It came with life time unit replacement and 10 year parts warranty. They replaced my 40 year old duct work and registers. Have had no problem throughout winters. Best HVAC Contracting Company with great products and services. Didn’t try and oversell me. Sold me the right unit according to the home heating requirement of my house in Toronto.

Jack C. Torres from Brampton

Date: 28 April 2014
I recently purchased an Amana Distinction GME95 high efficiency gas furnace. This furnace is quite and works perfectly. My whole family loves it and I can say this is the best investment which I have done this year to keep my family warm throughout winter’s ant this furnace also lower my gas bills up to 40% which make me feel proud for spending money on this valuable home appliance. My recommendation is AMANA GM95 Distinction high efficiency furnace to the homeowners of Canada.

William Wynn from Ontario

Date: 15 April 2014
I recently moved in to my house which is about eight years old and was very upset with the furnace installed by the contractor in my attic above my bedroom. It was very noisy and it seemed like it need a maintained. I called an HVAC company and the technician found crack on the furnace and he marked my furnace as red tag. I need the furnace as early as possible. My friend recommends my AMANA GM95 Distinction high efficiency furnace. I am so happy with this furnace it is quiet and dependable and I also figure out in couple of week a huge amount of saving on my gas bills.

David Tipton from Kingston

Date: 02 April 2014
I had faced a serious problem with AMAN Distinction GME95 and my family has to stay without heat for 3 days because of this furnace stop working. The HVAC technician said to us that its igniter has a problem and need to change it with the new one and it took him 3 day to get the part and note that I have just purchased this furnace 4 months before and its igniter is fail.

Kenneth Hays from Windsor

Date: 28 March 2014
It been two year and I have called the HVAC technician almost eight time this furnace give me couple of problem and this is the last AMANA product I have purchased so far, never recommend to buy AMANA buy any other good reputation brand.